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A Strange and Wonderful Evening

May 27, 2010

this is zander. i like him. he likes taking his shirt off.

Dear friends,

I’m sad that most of you didn’t make it last night. Sarah, Andrew and I went to see The Stereo Flys. When we got to the Muse, it was pretty empty, they were low on beer, and we were beat from sitting in the sun at the East Nashville Farmer’s Market.

However, once the show started, oh man did we have a good time. Excellent show!

Afterwards we went to our new friend Erin’s house. Fun fact about our new friend Erin: she has a pool! Sarah and I shared one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had and then I went swimming and drunk-talked about documentaries for I don’t even know how long.

SO SO SO glad it’s summer now!

Lighting effects fun. Kurt, in the back left, has a large tattoo of cheese on his calf. He also used a USB cable as a belt sometime during the course of the night.

On the downside, my head hurts pretty badly today.

To see more photos, please see:

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  1. ascottroberts permalink*
    May 27, 2010 7:43 pm

    Hannah, I’m so glad we can count on you to post good pictures. I couldn’t quite capture Zander’s true essence in my pictures.

  2. betsybecky permalink
    May 28, 2010 4:51 am

    Group bloggin like a BOSS. Loves it. Love you guys. Makes me want beer and grillin and friends and guitars and all the other things that aren’t China.

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