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Sarah at East Nasty Farmer’s Market!

May 27, 2010

Just pretend you're looking through my eyes. It's like that movie Being John Malkovich, but less interesting probably...

Went to see Sarah at the East Nashville farmer’s market.  It was such a great afternoon!  I will spare you my completely inadequate description of the market and why you should definitely all go there (see Hannah’s blog, Living Locally, for that.  She is a much better writer), but I will say that everything she said about how damn friendly everyone is there was completely spot on.

Profiles in Awkward

Our new Argentine buddy who makes grilled sandwiches was quite the gentleman.  We hung out for a while in his rocking chairs by the grill, and I owe him my dignity for not laughing in my face when I asked, “So, you’re from Argentinia?”  Epic small talk fail…  When I told the woman who I bought zucchini squash from that my friend Apu was about to move to New Orleans to start school at Tulane, she gladly offered up that she had been to the Big Easy on multiple occasions.  And I’m not sure exactly what it was, but there was something in the way she kind of giggled and raised her eyebrows above her subtly oversized sunglasses that made me think she had made the most out of those trips.  She was practically oozing sin… and I kind of liked it.  Finally, special thanks to Geraldine for making an awesome chess pie.  Regardless of how much Josh ridicules me for paying $11 for a pie, I will gladly buy one from her again.  It really is a small price to pay considering the last chess pie my mom (who I really do love dearly) made gave me the dry heaves.  Sorry mom.

Hannah and Heather with proper eye protection!

yum! photo by Hannah


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