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World Cup Madness!!!

June 28, 2010


Basking in victory!


I would have posted something about the USA-Algeria game earlier today, but I am just now beginning to get feeling back in all of my typing digits as the last bits of adrenaline slowly fade away (Editor’s note: This was written several days ago.  I am feeling significantly less chipper about the World Cup).  It’s tough to really put into words how happy I was this morning.  First of all, anytime you can enjoy a beer with some of your best friends at 9:00 on a Wednesday morning is a pretty damn good start to a day.  But add to that the opportunity to watch the USA in the World Cup with a do or die, must-win game, and this very ordinary Wednesday had the markings of a truly epic day written all over it.  And I have to say, it pretty much takes the potential for something amazing happening to get me to drag myself out to Demonbruen, which is typically about as much fun for me as eating plain noodles.  But today, Dan McGuinness was quite a party.

The Yanks came out in typical fashion, and almost gave up a goal in the 6th minute.  We finally caught a lucky break when the shot ricocheted off of the cross bar, and for the rest of the game, we really dominated, with more missed goal scoring chances than I really care to think about.  With the game winding down and England beating Slovenia, it seemed pretty hopeless for the US to advance to the next round.  But then, all of our guys’ hard work was rewarded.  I’m pretty sure in that euphoric moment when Landon Donovan scored, I felt more patriotism and conviction than Thomas Paine could have expressed in a thousand pamphlets (interesting Wikipedia fact: pamphleteer is an actual job title).

I would even go so far as to say that that moment is one of my proudest moments in Nashville-ness.  Strangers were leaping around, hugging, and singing songs.  Had I not given up any hope of machismo long ago, I would be too afraid to admit this:  the scene was enough to bring a few little tears to my eyes.  I’m telling you, this moment was very similar to the ending of Rudy (and we already know how I feel about that), with the added perk that it actually happened to me.  Plus, it got me on Youtube.  I’m famous, bitches!!! 

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