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nD FESTIVAL: Belcourt Theatre.

September 17, 2010

A Fundraiser for the Belcourt Theatre
Wednesday, September 22nd – Sunday, September 26th

Includes admission to ALL events and IS transferable
General Admission:
Belcourt Members: $150.00

WEDNESDAY, September 22
Event:                    Whiskey & Wine Wednesday
Location:                Billy Reid & H. Audrey
and The Cosmetic Market, The HILL CENTER, Green Hills
Time:                     5:30pm-7:30pm
Cost:                      $10 Tickets here…
Description:           Check it out here…

THURSDAY, September 23
Event:                    Supper, Song & Cinema
Location:                Imogene + Willie’s on 12S
Time:                     5:00pm until ?
Cost:                      FREE, donations accepted.
Film:                      The Wild One, starring Marlon Brando
(thanks to Tom Wills for providing this from his personal collection)
Description:           Check it out here…

FRIDAY, September 24
Event:                    All Access Patron & Sponsor Party
showcasing PROJECT ARTISAN Jewelers – Debe Dohrer,
Many Will See, Nike Kondakis, and Plum Vintage Jewelry.
Location:               Zeitgeist, then Opening movie at The Belcourt Theatre
Time:                     5:30pm-7:00pm
Cost:                      For Patron Level and Sponsors ONLY Tickets Here…
Film:                      Jacques Tati’s M. Hulot’s Holiday
(part of a nationwide tour courtesy of the French Embassy NYC & Janus Films)
Music:                    Joshua Payne, Babel Music Artist
Description:           Check it out here…

SATURDAY, September 25
Event:                    Mimosas, Marys and a Movie
Location:                Belcourt Theatre
Time:                     11:00am for light brunch by Provence Bakery & Cafe, Movie at Noon
Cost:                      $20 Belcourt Members / $25 for Non-Members. Tickets here…
Film:                      Jacques Tati’s Jour de Fete
(part of a nationwide tour courtesy of the French Embassy NYC & Janus Films)
Music:                    Robby Hecht, Babel Music Artist
Description:           Check it out here…

SUNDAY, September 26
Event:                   THE EnD FASHION SHOW
Location:               Belcourt Theatre
Time:                     5:00pm-8:00pm
Cost:                      Patrons/All Access (all events & VIP Seating)
$150 Belcourt Members/$175 non-Members. Tickets here…
Description:           Check it out here…


2nd Annual Sausage-fest.

September 14, 2010

Up-and-coming Awesomeness…..Falling Whistles Block Party Tour

September 14, 2010

When: 01 October · 18:00 – 22:00

Where: Sylvan Park, 41st Ave N between Murphy and Colorado


1. The Falling Whistles campaign launched with a simple response – make their weapon your voice and be a whistleblower for peace in Congo

2. My roommate Andrew Roberts will be playing mandolin with Sarah Hargett

3. You can donate to this worthy charity here.

Awesome free events this weekend (Thursday-Sunday)

September 8, 2010

Event 1: Belcourt theatre Trailer Park 2010, A Member Appreciation Event. 

Click for Link


When: Thursday September 9th at 5:30pm 

Location: Belcourt theatre (Map) 

Cost: Free to Belcourt members. $35 for one year student membership. 

Why you should go: 

-An early-evening of trailers for some of your favorite independent films. 

-Hard Rock is providing food for the evening.  

-They will have a “trailer” backdrop for you to have your photo made too! 


Event 2: Live on the Green Outdoor Concert Series featuring Hightide Blues, Five For Fighting, and Tonic

Click for Link

When: Thursday September 9th at 5:30pm 

Location: Public Square Plaza next to the courthouse (Map) 


6:20 pm – Visual Artist 

6:45 pm – Hightide Blues 

7:30 pm – Five for Fighting 

9:30 pm – Tonic (Headliners) 

10:30 pm – Hard Rock After Party 

Cost: Free 

 Why you should go

-Free live music featuring Tonic. 


Event 3: Countdown to Zero @ The Belcourt Theatre

Click poster for link to web-site 

When: Friday September 10th and Sunday 12th at 7:00pm 

Location: Belcourt Theater 

 Cost: Free, but you must reserve a seat online (here) 

 Why you should go: 

-The Friday screening will be followed by a brief discussion with Dr. Jeff Patterson, President of Nobel Peace Prize winning organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility; and Rev. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, founder and director of the Two Futures Project. 

-The Sunday screening is hosted by My Global Voice and the Two Futures Project, this Sunday showing of Countdown to Zero is free for all students and faculty of local colleges and universities. The event will be followed by a short panel discussion and a time of Q&A for the audience. 

-The film was produced by Academy Award® winner and 2009 nominee Lawrence Bender (Inglourious Basterds, An Inconvenient Truth). 


Event 4: 2nd Saturday Outdoor Cinema, the Anniversary Edition: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Click link for more details



When: Saturday September 11th Sunset: ~7:00pm 

Location: Belcourt Theater Carpark (outside) 

 Cost: Free, but you will need to bring your own chair/blanket/etc. 

 Why you should go: 

Because it’s awesome (See below) 

-They play videos before the main screening, possibly along the line of: 


Event 5: Musicians Corner | The City That Listens | 2010

Click image for link to homepage

When: Saturday September 11th 3-6 pm

Location: Centennial Park (Map

 Cost: Free, but you will need to bring your own chair/blanket/etc.

Line Up:

In Honor of National Service Day
Katie Herzig
Pico vs. Island Trees
Eric Wilson & The Emptyhearts
Danny Salazar

 Why you should go:

-A central point where Music City gathers to perform and enjoy its music.
– They envision a place like Speakers Corner in London, where speakers gather each week, attracting people from all over the world. Entertaining, challenging, compelling and fun – there is nothing else like it.

This mountain goat wants you to take a look at my blog

July 1, 2010

And in fact, he’s not a goat at all; he’s the only living species of his genus.  So don’t let him down.

Thoughts from the world’s backbone| A Marmot’s Perspective

We get it, you’re getting married…

June 28, 2010


Behind these doors awaits Hell on Earth...


I think I am against weddings, if only because an end to weddings would mean saving all the rest of us from bachelorette parties.  Why does the fact that you are getting married mean you get to run around with all of your friends who are less successful at finding some poor dude to put up with them than you are, acting like total jackasses all night?  I try to avoid Lower Broadway for this very reason.  I’ve never been to The Stage without some group of women celebrating the fact that one of them actually managed to get engaged shoving me out of the way so that they could take their giant inflatable novelty dick closer to the band.  It really is quite obnoxious.

However, I think this weekend probably takes the cake for annoying bachelorette parties.  A bunch of us went out to see Tracy Morgan do stand-up at Zanies, and despite standing in the rain for about an hour until they opened the doors, we were all really pumped for the show.  Shortly before we all walked in, some enormous Hummer limousine pulls up, and before I took a moment to realize the obvious, I ask, “Who the hell still rides around in one of those?”  And of course, within seconds, out comes a group of Snookie wannabes in single file like one of those clowns in the Volkswagen acts.  Although this group was way more likely to give me nightmares.

When the bride got out of the limo, she gave us some sob story about how she and the rest of her buddies wouldn’t be able to sit together if they were in the back of the line, so she offered to pay $20 for each of us that they had to cut in front of.  When she was finally able to count to 120 on her fingers, she decided just to give us $40, which was still enough to buy a round of Miller Lites for the table, so we weren’t complaining.

We got into the club and the bridezilla-to-be seemed a little annoyed to have to remove her penis-covered bridal veil (Zanies policy), and the whole crew talked all the way through the second comedian’s act, eventually bearing the brunt of an expletive-laden series of insults.  It was comedic justice at its finest.

Oh yeah, Tracy Morgan was very strange.  And very high.  And very awesome!  His act was almost as funny as I can imagine it would be to see the look on the groom-in-waiting’s face when he realizes he just married into the cast of Nashville Shore.

World Cup Madness!!!

June 28, 2010


Basking in victory!


I would have posted something about the USA-Algeria game earlier today, but I am just now beginning to get feeling back in all of my typing digits as the last bits of adrenaline slowly fade away (Editor’s note: This was written several days ago.  I am feeling significantly less chipper about the World Cup).  It’s tough to really put into words how happy I was this morning.  First of all, anytime you can enjoy a beer with some of your best friends at 9:00 on a Wednesday morning is a pretty damn good start to a day.  But add to that the opportunity to watch the USA in the World Cup with a do or die, must-win game, and this very ordinary Wednesday had the markings of a truly epic day written all over it.  And I have to say, it pretty much takes the potential for something amazing happening to get me to drag myself out to Demonbruen, which is typically about as much fun for me as eating plain noodles.  But today, Dan McGuinness was quite a party.

The Yanks came out in typical fashion, and almost gave up a goal in the 6th minute.  We finally caught a lucky break when the shot ricocheted off of the cross bar, and for the rest of the game, we really dominated, with more missed goal scoring chances than I really care to think about.  With the game winding down and England beating Slovenia, it seemed pretty hopeless for the US to advance to the next round.  But then, all of our guys’ hard work was rewarded.  I’m pretty sure in that euphoric moment when Landon Donovan scored, I felt more patriotism and conviction than Thomas Paine could have expressed in a thousand pamphlets (interesting Wikipedia fact: pamphleteer is an actual job title).

I would even go so far as to say that that moment is one of my proudest moments in Nashville-ness.  Strangers were leaping around, hugging, and singing songs.  Had I not given up any hope of machismo long ago, I would be too afraid to admit this:  the scene was enough to bring a few little tears to my eyes.  I’m telling you, this moment was very similar to the ending of Rudy (and we already know how I feel about that), with the added perk that it actually happened to me.  Plus, it got me on Youtube.  I’m famous, bitches!!!